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Classic Pairings: Jeans & Stilettos

Classic Pairings: Jeans & StilettosThis week has been, how you say stressful, to say the least! 

Between traveling to multiple cities domestically to work with clients, I’ve also had two major events to attend.  There’s been lots of packing, unpacking, and running for taxis and planes.  But all in all it’s been a great week.  I’ve even rediscovered one of my favorite traveling style staples, and that’s no other than the classic pairing of jeans and stilettos.

Yes even in this crazy warm weather of summer, I still enjoy wearing jeans and stilettos.  I know for most this can seem a bit inconvenient or hard to wear but fear not…just follow my style tips below and you’ll be able to wear this easy pairing like a pro!

Easy Breezy Gi-Gi: Chambray Shirt + Boyfriend Jeans + Stilettos

For this first look you take the laid-back vibe of chambray and amp it up with touches of polished femininity.  I love pairing button-up chambray shirts (in either blue or red chambray) with lightwash slouchy boyfriend jeans and white stilettos.  This look can go from lunch with friends, riding on the plane, meeting with a client and everything in between!

When it comes to accessories a straw fedora and oversized sunglasses in either white or light colors help keep this look from feeling too dressy but still allows it to have the right amount of polish. If stilettos aren’t your thing, try this look with a pair of white loafers or ballet  flats to get the same effect.


Summery Femme Fatale: White Sleeveless Shell + Straight Leg Jeans + Stiletto Sandals

When it comes to dramatic think monochromatic! 

There’s nothing that packs more of a punch as when you wear one color head to toe.  To make my femme fatale look summery, I go for pastel colors or simple all white.  A fine knit sleeveless shell or mockneck turtleneck paired with straight leg jeans and stiletto sandals gives instant mystery and sexiness.  To make the look more wearable for summer, I go for lighter colors.


Street Chic: Graphic Skinny Jeans + Peep-Toe Stilettos

In the midst of my super crazy schedule and gazillion meetings I had a few opportunities to go out.  Of course I wore jeans, and to really kick the style factor up a notch I wore graphic print jeans with peep-toe sling back stilettos. 

If you can find these type of jeans in a crop or ankle length, even better! 

What makes this a perfect combination is that you can wear a basic top and simple handbag and still look super chic.  It makes packing infinitely easier.

Now that you know the “how” will you be trying my favorite classic combo of jeans & stilettos?

Comment below!


Dress to Impress: How to Wear Complementary Colors Like a Pro!

dress to impress-how to wear complementary colorsFor starters, lets clear the air by defining exactly what I mean when I say complementary colors.  Per definition, complementary colors are those that are exactly opposite of one another on the color wheel.

If you check out the cool graphic of the color wheel below you can see that colors that are exact opposites of one another will give you bold and audacious color combinations that the faint of heart might not want to try.


That being said here are a few keys things you may want to consider before trying your hand at wearing complementary colors together.

Try extremes

As black is to white, going to extremes with color is quit bold and eye-catching in fashion.  The key to making complements or opposites work is playing with styles that work well together in a look.  For instance a collared shirt and v-neck sweater is a traditional pairing that gets an extra dash of fabulous when the shirt is a yellow and white pinstripe and the v-neck sweater is any shade of purple cashmere.  Yellow and purple are complements and this can be a very sophisticated yet bold look when worn with slim fit jeans and purple or yellow pumps.  Just remember decide up front which color you want to be the main color and which color you want to be the complement.

Another fun example is blue and orange.  With this color complement I’d take a royal blue pencil skirt and pair it with an silk bow blouse in either a shade of orange (such as peach) or with orange in the print of the blouse (say a paisley or graphic print).  Since the royal blue is obviously the main color in this case, I’d go for royal blue patent pumps and a great handbag in a slightly darker shade of blue. The accessories could bring in a bit more of the orange.

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Work with Shades and Tones

When sticking to a true hue of a color (say for instance red) is a bit too dramatic for your taste, then play with the shades and tones or lighter and darker variations of a color and its complement.  Red and green are complements but worn together in their true hue can make your look like a Christmas present.  Therefore for this pairing of color complements I like to use a red-orange and emerald green.  You get just as striking an effect without the holiday theme.

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Go for Colorblocking

Now if you’re really not sure about wearing complementary colors the easiest way is to just go with colorblocking!  I mean finding the color combos you want may present a bit of a challenge but once you do pairing the piece with colorblocking with a simple top or bottom is all you need to do.

Colorblocking is also a great way to add print or pattern into your look with two pieces instead of adding several layers.  My best suggestion is to go for print in the accessories if you are wearing an article of clothing with colorblocking on it.

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So now you know how to wear complementary colors together, the question is will you try it?

Tell me either way, comment below!

Dress to Impress in Chambray

Dress to Impress - ChambrayIf you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, you likely will very soon.  Anything made from this material is soft, easy to wear, easy to clean, and very versatile.  What am I talking about?  I’m talking about the one and only chambray!

What is Chambray?

By definition, chambray is a plain woven fabric made  from cotton or synthetic fibers, often produced in checkered or striped patterns. Usually made from blue and white yarns and used to make shirts, dresses and children’s clothing, the fabric originated in the town of Cambrai in northern France.

Also known as “cambric”, chambray uses a white weft and indigo warp to create a fabric that looks similar to denim, yet is much lighter. A heavy version of chambray is used for workmen’s shirts in the United States, and was what inspired the phrase “blue collar”.

Chambray vs. Denim

A common misconception about chambray is that it’s the same thing as denim.  Let’s be clear.  Chambray is not denim!  There are probably more similarities than differences between the two, but there are some differences.

Chambray and denim are types of cloth fabrics. Usually, they are both blue in color on the bolt, but color variations are available in both types. Both are coarse cloths, that is, the threads per inch in the cloths is lower than for finer, higher count fabrics such as percale. Both are made of cotton.

Chambray is the lighter of the two fabrics; sort of like muslin. It is also usually light blue in color. Denim is the heavier of the two fabrics; similar to a lightweight canvas. It is usually dark blue – darker than chambray. Chambray is usually used to make long and short sleeved work shirts, while denim is usually used to make work pants or jeans. Denim is also used to make overalls, skirts, jackets, purses, shorts, pillows, and sundry other useful items that require durability from the cloth. Chambray can be used where a lighter fabric is more appropriate.

Chambray Closet Must-Haves
  • Chambray Button-Up Shirt – This is a go to choice for summer as it pairs well with light denim, dark denim, and different prints and patterns.  It also can be dressed up or down easily depending upon the accessories you choose.
  • Chambray Baseball Cap – When you are having a bad hair day or just a low-key casual day, a chambray baseball cap is a stylish and feminine way to top off your look.
  • Chambray Short – For days when denim is just too heavy for the weather, try a pair of short made from this fabulous material!  Whether you like your shorts cuffed, knee-length, or shorty short, chambray can polish off your look.
  • Chambray Jumper – A simple look for an upbeat casual day, the chambray jumper will stay with you through many summers.  Just be sure to get a cut that’s flattering for your figure.
  • Chambray Maxi Skirt – A maxi skirt made out of this lovely material will be soft and have lots of movement.  Pair with a great plain white tee + a wide belt and you have a great bohemian inspired look for summer.


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So how do you feel about chambray?

Is it something you could see yourself wearing, or are you a die-hard denim lover?

Comment below!

Weekly Roundup – Vol. 6

weekly roundup vol. 6Here are my favorite posts from around the web this week:

I. Fashion


II. Personal Style


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IV. Shopping

Check out some of these fab fashion posts!

Tell me what are some of your stories of the week?

Comment below!

Graphic Prints for Changing Seasons

graphic prints for changing seasonsPrints, patterns and detail are something that emerge in some way shape or form every season.  For instance, for Spring 2014 print and pattern was evident on the wearable trends of the moto jacket, the inverse buttoned shirt, and uber-cool bomber jackets.  This means even in the case a specific print or pattern isn’t highlighted as “vogue” for a season, it will still emerge with another trend.

To help you navigate the murky waters between different prints and seasons, follow these three simple tips on how to wear graphic prints from spring/summer to fall/winter.

Stylist Fashion Tip #1: Pair Graphic Prints with Darker Solids

Say you have a graphic print shirt that you love and want to wear it into the cooler months of the year, the easiest way to do this is by pairing that shirt with darker solids.  For example, you may have worn that fab floral print blouse with white linen pants for the summer.  So to adapt the look of that floral print blouse for the fall, you can pair it with navy ankle trousers and pumps.  Same blouse just worn in a way that’s right for each season.

Stylist Fashion Tip #2: Choose Prints in Darker Tones

I love patterns!  When the seasons change, I adapt the colors or those patterns to work best for the weather.  For summer go for graphic prints against light or white backgrounds.  Even lighten the wash of the denim you wear!  It will greatly increase the “summery” feel of your wardrobe.  For fall/winter go for prints on background that are black, grey, or navy.  These are the only colors I recommend for the color of backgrounds for prints as these are the easiest colors to coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe.

If you have a more robust closet, patterns against plum, burgundy, maroon, or teal backgrounds are also a lot of fun to play with.  Just make sure you have at least two bottoms that you can wear with any graphic print top in your closet.  And yes, denim jeans count as a pair of bottoms that you should be able to pair with any top.

Stylist Fashion Tip #3: Pick a Smaller Print

Lastly, just go for smaller prints.  A smaller, more clustered print automatically gives a garment a more “weighty” feel which is more suited for fall/winter.  Some great prints for the season include:

  • Polka dots
  • Small clustered fruit
  • Stars (non-white)
  • Stripes (horizontal, vertical, mitered, and diagonal)

Now you have the tips to effectively transition from summer to fall/winter wearing the prints you love!

What are some of your favorite prints to wear all year around?

Comment below!

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What to Wear on a Date

what to wear on a dateRuthlessly rummaging through her closet, Kate pulled piece after piece out, grumbled, and threw it on the bed.

  • Sequin miniskirt?  No, that work.
  • Tuxedo stripe track pants and blazer?  No, that’s wasn’t right.
  • Pleated skirt?  No, that wasn’t right.
  • Designer crop top?  No, that wasn’t right.

In a huff of irritation, flopped on the bed and looked at the jumble of clothes and still was clueless as to what she was going to do about Friday.  Indecision swam in her head as her mind screamed “What do I wear on a date?!”

Has this ever happened to you?

Well if it hasn’t consider yourself blessed and fortunate.  If you’re like me, then this scene has definitely happened to you a time or two (or seven!) when you just had no clue what to wear on a date.  This situation becomes even more overwhelming when you are trying to figure out what to wear on a first date!

Here are my timeless tips on what to wear on a first, second, or twelfth date!

For the casual date

Remember that comfort, versatility, and clean lines should be your goal.  Choose pieces that can be easily layered in case you’ll be going some place where the climate may change (i.e. the movies, walk in the park, etc.) and you want to be comfortable the entire time.  Also keep in mind to wear shoes that are cute as well as comfortable.  Leave your 5” stilettos in the closet for this type of date (this is about the only time you’ll hear me advise against wearing your sky high heels:)  A beautiful flat sandal, loafer, lace up oxford, or ballet flat may be your best choices.

For the formal date

Bring on the glam!  This is the type of date you can get all dolled up for because you’ll likely be sitting in one place and there will be less movement as compared to a casual date.  Think a beautiful dinner date.  The goal of this look should be functional femininity.  While a fabulous bandage dress, smokey eye, and deep red lips might be perfect for the woman with a boat load of confidence and the perfect body, for most women this can be a bit overkill.

Go for pieces with silhouettes that compliment your shape and are preferably made of wrinkle-resistant fabric. You’ll likely be sitting for a long period of time, so anything that can reduce the amount of creases in your clothes when you get up is a plus!  Also think classy instead of overtly sexy.  Yes men like cleavage but if you want your date to look in your eyes when they talk to you (and not your breasts) try to go for drape style tops and dresses that accentuate not necessarily show off “the girls”

Separates can look fabulous here!  Think of a great a-line or fishtail skirt.  Work with the silhouettes that look good on  you.  Here’s where you can go back to your high heels (yes!), just make sure you can walk comfortably in them.

So there you have it, my fast easy and effective tips on what to wear on a date.

Tell me, what do you wear on casual dates?

What do you wear on formal dates?

What do you wear on a first date?

Comment below!

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