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10 Wardrobe Essentials in White for Every Man’s Closet

blog post 7.15.14 wardrobe essentials for men whiteIn my last post I gave some great what not to wear tips for wearing white in summer, however most of those tips were geared toward women.  To be fair, I wanted to do a post for all of the fashionable men out there who want to wear white in summer as well!

Here are my 10 wardrobe essentials that every man should have, in white, in his closet.

Wardrobe Essentials #1: White Tee

You can’t get any more basic than this!  The white tee I recommend should be a v-neck and fitted without being too tight.  This is an essential layering piece for many men underneath their everyday shirt.  This is important especially in summer, as it can really help with wicking sweat in the hot humid temperatures.  Look for a white tee that’s:

  • Tagless in the back
  • Allows for easy movement
  • Made of 100% cotton, bamboo cotton, or another natural absorbent fabric

Lifeisgood Men's Crusher Polo Shirt, White, L

Wardrobe Essentials #2: White Polo

No man’s wardrobe is complete without at least one polo style shirt in it.  For maximum wear and versatility, you want to get polos in solid core colors such as black, white, and navy and you’ll be able to mix and match them in several casual and semi-casual looks.  The perfect white polo:

  • Can be worn in at least two seasons
  • Is made of a fine knit cotton or cotton-poly blend
  • Is a shade of white that compliments your complexion and wardrobe

Kenneth Cole New York Short-Sleeve Diamond-Print Shirt - White

Wardrobe Essentials #3: White Collared-Shirt (short sleeve)

As with the white polo, a white-collared shirt is necessary in your wardrobe.  For warmer weather, choose a short-sleeve button-up style shirt that works well under a sports jacket and can be worn with casual pants.  Choose a white-collared shirt that:

  • Can be worn in at least two seasons
  • Is versatile with different styles of pants
  • Can be worn layered under different types of jackets or sweaters

7 for All Mankind whtie and blue leather moc toe 'Harry' boat shoes

Wardrobe Essentials #4: White Casual Shoes (Boat shoes or canvas shoes)

When not in work mode, you need a great casual shoe that will take you from barbecue to drinks with friends and possibly on a date.  The white casual shoe in summer is perfect for just that look!  Just beware that white makes the size of anything look bigger, so if you have very large feet in proportion to your body, you want to choose a shape that helps minimize the size of your foot (i.e. rounded toe vs. pointy toe).   I’m personally a huge fan of white boat shoes on men (the fancier kind) or a really sleek pair of canvas shoes.  When picking a white casual shoe, remember:

  • Pick a casual shoe that works with your lifestyle
  • Pick a style that compliments the size of your foot
  • Pick a white shoe in a classic style so it lasts many seasons

Prada plaster leather moc toe penny loafers

Wardrobe Essentials #5: White Loafers

As with the white casual shoe, the white loafer is a shoe you want to put a lot of thought into before purchasing.  This shoe will be perfect when wearing a white summer suit or a great pair of white linen shorts. Choose a white loafer that:

  • Works with your lifestyle
  • Is made of treated leather or lambskin
  • Has embellishments and or detail that make it dressier

Tommy Hilfiger white two button cotton blazer

Wardrobe Essentials #6: White Blazer

A white blazer, worn correctly, is an attention-grabbing piece of clothing.  This can work on a man of average to medium-tall stature and should be tailored to fit him.  Your choice of white blazers can be in a style best suited for dressier occasions; think linen, or it can be more casual such as seersucker or canvas.  Your perfect white blazer should be:

  • Tailored to fit you perfectly
  • Be in a fabric that dictates it use
  • Have buttons and details that work best for your body type

Lubiam tan cotton soft shoulder 2-button suit with flat front pants

Wardrobe Essentials #7: White Linen Suit

The white linen suit is a must for any man who wants to really dress to impress at summer evening affairs. The right linen suit can even be appropriate for a formal summer affair and is always perfect for a wedding.  I admit, this won’t be cheap and is best left for the man willing to make the investment in such a suit.  Cheap linen suits look bad on women and look horrible on men. You want one with weighty enough linen that won’t wrinkle as much and will need to take exceptional care of it.  A man’s ideal white linen suit should be:

  • Tailored to fit perfectly
  • In a shade of white that compliments your complexion
  • Likely be custom-made of expensive linen that’s been treated

Burberry beige cotton zip neck long sleeve sweater

Wardrobe Essentials #8: White Cardigan

The white cardigan, a la preppy, is a perfect layering piece for a more polished casual or business casual look.  I like white cardigans in cuts that resemble blazers and that are textured.  Look for cardigans that:

  • Are versatile
  • Can easily be layered over top of other tops
  • Have a texture or pattern in the weave of the fabric

Men's Beige Perforated Leather Belt

Wardrobe Essentials #9: White Belt

Belts are essential for every adult wardrobe, man or women, but the white belt takes the style factor to another level.  Choose a white belt that works well with your waist.  A medium size belt works best on all waist sizes.  A thicker belt works best for men who have slim to average waist sizes. Choose a white belt that’s:

  • Durable
  • Made of a versatile material, such as leather or canvas
  • Has little to no pattern or print so it has a timeless style

GG 2252/S 4UYIC Light Steel Aviator Men's Sunglasses

Wardrobe Essentials #10: White-Rimmed Sunglasses

This is a definite bonus, but I still feel it’s necessary for men with a lot of white wardrobe essentials. The most important rule about sunglasses (other than protection) is to choose a style that compliments the shape of your face.  A shape that works universally well are aviators.  A pair of white rimmed metal aviators with medium or dark lenses will make any all white look “pop”.  This is an investment piece, so don’t be afraid to splurge on these!


Now you know how to be just as fabulous while wearing white this summer as your female counterparts!

Tell me, what wardrobe essentials in white do you already own?  Which ones do you now feel you need to add?  Which ones would you never wear?

Comment below!


Dress to Impress: Top 7 Summer Trends for Men

dress to impress - summer trends for men

It’s sizzling…

It’s hot…

And it’s finally summer!
With that being said, the layers of clothing are coming off left and right and cooler clothes in brighter colors are being worn. Imaging being a guy at this time and the possible struggle you could be having with pick fashionable clothes at this time of year.
Not to worry!

Follow my top summer trends for men and you’ll find it easy to look cool in the blazing sun.


It’s All About Red

Red has been seen scorching up the runways of the spring/summer collections of many designers including:

Men should aim for a shade that they would be comfortable wearing. Add a splash of red in something as casual as a tee shirt or in something more dashing, like wearing red on a date.


Mesh Is the Best!

Mesh in menswear has a love-hate relationship. It’s fabulous in the area of athletic attire, but can trip up the every day Joe on how to successfully add it to their summer wardrobe. For men, I have a simple formula for mesh, start foot to head! That’s right, if you want to wear mesh start by adding it in the detail on your footwear, maybe detailing on your pants, a few accessories and then (maybe) go for the full blown mesh shirt.

Mesh was very hot on the runways of:

  • Rick Owens had a few mesh shirts of his ‘vicious’ collection,
  • Alexander Wang used it more as an accessory for the collection,
  • J.W. Anderson flashed flesh in fine mesh tanks with splashes of color throughout.


Double-Breasted Blazers

For the more poshed and polished gent, the double-breasted blazer (meaning two rows of buttons running down the front) is a great choice. Think country club, yachts, loafers, and you get the picture. You can wear a double-breasted blazer over a tee shirt and wear with shorts for a casual look. The best tip is to remember the material of the blazer will dictate the level of formality many times. Linen is one exception as it can be worn in a casual or formal look in the warmer weather.

  • Berluti did everything extra dapper and refined for their spring summer collection,
  • Gucci not only played with blazers, but they also played with floral prints,
  • Billy Reid went camo, print and boho wild in his single and double breasted blazers.


Printed Blazers

Piggybacking on the trend of the double-breasted blazers, is the theme of printed blazers. Men in florals was hot, hot hot on the spring summer collections of many designers. If you’re an adventurous guy, pair a floral blazer with think vertical stripe pants. A linen or lightweight cotton is perfect for the summer season. If you’re style is a bit more traditional, pair a striped or printed blazer with solid navy pants or knee-length shorts.

  • Dries Van Noten went wild with floral prints on the runway! The darker palette allows he collection to remain current yet still very masculine,
  • Alexander McQueen decked out the spring summer month with lace and florals,
  • Haider Ackerman played with muted metallic, fabrics, and various prints, like diamante, in their blazers and jackets.


Color Blocking Tops

If simple is more your style, the pop of color in geometric shapes makes color blocking a trend you should definitely try! Tops with color blocking can go from adventurous, in the form of crop tops for guys, to the reserved, in the form of tailored collared shirts.

  • Kenzo seamlessly mixed colorblocking, Americana surfing style, and chic athletic looks,
  • Lanvin kept color blocking tops a tad bit sporty and a tad bit upscale, especially in their mixed media tanks,
  • Paul Smith had a pretty in pink (and yellow!) color blocking theme that ran throughout the updated retro inspired collection.


Every Shade of Blue

As classic as a color in a nursery, blue in varying shades of intensity were smattered on the runway. Go classic in darker shades in more traditional cuts like v-neck shirts and summer sweaters or be creative in lighter tones with skinny ties, embroidered shorts, and funky sneakers.


All White Everything

White is eternally associated with warmer weather and cooler clothes, and this season is no exception. Men can be more traditional in an all-white suit in a cut that’s flattering. This is the perfect pick for an upscale summer party. To keep this look from getting drab or boring, the key is playing with textures — cotton shirts look good with linen, while a t-shirt can balance out a silk jacket.

  • Diesel Black & Gold revamped the white suit and made it modern and cool,
  • Damir Doma stayed true to classic cuts in a clean palette,
  • Neil Barrett played with off-whites, checkered patterns, all-black and trenches.

These are my picks for the top trends for summer for men.

Which ones would you try? Which trends would you never attempt?

Let me know in the comments below!


Holiday Gift Survival Guide: 5 Gifts to Buy the Practical Guy

Gifts to buy practical guy 1Ahhh…the holiday season is well upon us and if you’re anything like me (read: shopaholic) then you’ve been in a buying & returning frenzy for the past month.

We all have people on our list who are easy to buy for, those that are hard to buy for and those that leave us completely clueless about what to buy them.

That’s where you encounter that practical guy as I like to call him. The “Practical Guy” is the man on your holiday shopping list that’s so insanely practical that he doesn’t really care about fashion.

In my world, this guy is my dad. Oh don’t mistake me, he’s wonderful but the man likes his practical items for gifts and gives the same in return. No, he doesn’t lack style or polish, but he does look at me like I’m nuts when I talk about running out at 2 a.m. to shop Black Friday sales!

Through the years, my older sister and I (fashion plates that we are) have found sneaky ways to give our dad gifts that are insanely practical without sacrificing the style, fashion and flair that we know and love so well. My fashionista mother has simply given up at this point and only buys him shoes, lol!

So since I feel I’m not the only one who suffers horrible stress at this time of year trying to figure out what to buy the practical guy I created this short holiday gift survival guide to help fellow fashionistas with a practical guy on their shopping lists this year.

Gift Idea One: Winter Accessories

Gifts to buy practical guy 2

This gift idea works best if you live in the North (as my fabulous family does). Buy a hat, scarf and gloves in high-end fabrics. Think lambskin leather gloves with fur lining, cashmere scarf and a silk lined cashmere hat. Go for coordinating colors in the range of colors the practical guy on your list likes (if you know those colors). A word of warning, stay away from all designer logo items, as the practical guy may find this too gaudy, loud, or ostentatious and won’t wear your gift! If you want to do something with a logo, only do it with the scarf and this in a small print.


Gift Idea Two: Designer Shades


Sunglasses are always useful as sunny days happen year round! Go with a pair of classic aviators or another masculine style your practical guy will love.

A magnificent coat can definitely make the man. Because of its versatility, I suggest a trench coat from a brand that’s know for great tailoring. Classic detailing such as double-breasted buttons, shoulder plackets, and rear vents will be appreciated by the practical guy. Steer clear of anything with too much pattern, print, or too loud of a color.


Gift Idea Three: A Trench coat


A magnificent coat can definitely make the man. Because of its versatility, I suggest a trench coat from a brand that’s know for great tailoring. Classic detailing such as double-breasted buttons, shoulder plackets, and rear vents will be appreciated by the practical guy. Steer clear of anything with too much pattern, print, or too loud of a color.


Gift Idea Four: Leather Goods


Go for a lambskin or embossed leather wallet in black, navy, oxblood, or forest green. A few sharp designer leather belts wouldn’t hurt either. Just remember to keep the color choices dark or neutral.


Gift Idea Five: Skin Care Products


All men use some variety of skin care products. This is the place where you can really splurge and buy the practical guy on your list a great shaving kit from The Art of Shaving or cleansers & products from Kiehl’s Men Line. Throw in some body care products as well if you really want to encourage the practical guy on your list to upgrade his overall regimen.


**Bonus Tip: Give the practical guy a gift receipt

Even though this holiday gift survival guide has some outlined some sneaky ways to add glam and style to gift buying for the practical guy on your list, that doesn’t guarantee he’s going to like it. Therefore as an extra precaution, give him the gift receipt so he can exchange the product for something else.




What are your thoughts about giving great gifts to the practical guy in your life?

Comment below!