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What Should I Wear on A First Date?!

what to wear on a dateRuthlessly rummaging through her closet, Kate pulled piece after piece out, grumbled, and threw it on the bed.

  • Sequin miniskirt?  No, that work.
  • Tuxedo stripe track pants and blazer?  No, that’s wasn’t right.
  • Pleated skirt?  No, that wasn’t right.
  • Designer crop top?  No, that wasn’t right.

In a huff of irritation, flopped on the bed and looked at the jumble of clothes and still was clueless as to what she was going to do about Friday.  Indecision swam in her head as her mind screamed “What do I wear on a date?!”

Has this ever happened to you?

Well if it hasn’t consider yourself blessed and fortunate.  If you’re like me, then this scene has definitely happened to you a time or two (or seven!) when you just had no clue what to wear on a date.  This situation becomes even more overwhelming when you are trying to figure out what to wear on a first date!

Here are my timeless tips on what to wear on a first, second, or twelfth date!

For the casual date

Remember that comfort, versatility, and clean lines should be your goal.  Choose pieces that can be easily layered in case you’ll be going some place where the climate may change (i.e. the movies, walk in the park, etc.) and you want to be comfortable the entire time.  Also keep in mind to wear shoes that are cute as well as comfortable.  Leave your 5” stilettos in the closet for this type of date (this is about the only time you’ll hear me advise against wearing your sky high heels:)  A beautiful flat sandal, loafer, lace up oxford, or ballet flat may be your best choices.

For the formal date

Bring on the glam!  This is the type of date you can get all dolled up for because you’ll likely be sitting in one place and there will be less movement as compared to a casual date.  Think a beautiful dinner date.  The goal of this look should be functional femininity.  While a fabulous bandage dress, smokey eye, and deep red lips might be perfect for the woman with a boat load of confidence and the perfect body, for most women this can be a bit overkill.

Go for pieces with silhouettes that compliment your shape and are preferably made of wrinkle-resistant fabric. You’ll likely be sitting for a long period of time, so anything that can reduce the amount of creases in your clothes when you get up is a plus!  Also think classy instead of overtly sexy.  Yes men like cleavage but if you want your date to look in your eyes when they talk to you (and not your breasts) try to go for drape style tops and dresses that accentuate not necessarily show off “the girls”

Separates can look fabulous here!  Think of a great a-line or fishtail skirt.  Work with the silhouettes that look good on  you.  Here’s where you can go back to your high heels (yes!), just make sure you can walk comfortably in them.

So there you have it, my fast easy and effective tips on what to wear on a date.

Tell me, what do you wear on casual dates?

What do you wear on formal dates?

What do you wear on a first date?

Comment below!

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Wearing Yellow on A Date

blog post-7.17.14 wearing yellowIn our new ebook, which features dating advice for women that will actually get you dates, one subject that’s covered in detail is the impact of color you wear on your first date.

Today’s topic is all about the color yellow!

Now according to experts, yellow is one of the worst colors you can wear on a date if you’re a woman.  Yellow has a unique impact on people because it’s either good or bad.  And this impact all depends upon the other person’s perception, mood, and state of mind how they view you in yellow.

That’s a lot of power for one color!

However I’m kind of on the fence about this one.  I think yellow can be a fabulous color to wear if you have the sparkling personality to wear such a vibrant color.

Here are some fun facts about yellow you want to keep in mind if you plan on wearing it for your next date:

  • Yellow is eye-catching
  • Yellow can increase metabolism
  • Yellow can make people nervous
  • Too much yellow can cause depression
  • Yellow can evoke feelings of anger or frustration
  • Yellow is usually seen as a warm and cheery color
  • Yellow fatigues the human eye faster than any other color

I hope this gave you a bit more perspective about how or if to wear yellow on a date.

Oh, and I found some awesome articles online about yellow.


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