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Image & Etiquette

test-trying on clothes4
“The Associate” Package

 Like any well-built structure, this service package is the solid foundation from which every fashionista is born!

We’ll identify the best silhouettes, color palettes, and genre of style that work best for you.
Duration: 2 hours
 Services included within this package are:
  • Body Shape Analysis,
  • Color Analysis, and
  • Style Personality Quiz


The Senior“The Senior” Package

Ready for more?

If the basics are quite everything you need, then this package is the next step!

Here we add in etiquette and personal brand management.  This fits best for the professional who’s “going to the next level” in their career or the person who’s facing an upgraded social calendar.

Duration: varies

 Services included within this package are:

  • All items from “The Associate” Package,
  • Personal Brand Management profile, and
  • Etiquette & Protocol Training


Closet AuditCloset Audit

Do you want a fresh start?

Need a complete closet overhaul?
We bring out the big  guns here & slay cluttered unstylish closets.
Perfect if you need a fresh start!
Duration: 7 hours
Location: In Home
Services include:
  • Sorting of clothing into “keep”, “store”, “donate” piles
  • Creation of Capsule Wardrobes
  • Removal of “donate” clothes from client’s home + tax receipt


Woman in the wardrobeCloset Edit

Are you a fashionista with a bit of a style SOS?

Then a Closet Edit is what you likely need!

Duration: 2.5 hours
Location: In Home
This package includes:
  • Curation of current wardrobe for optimal seasonal wear,
  • 1-2 Capsule Wardrobe creation
  • 1 Virtual Capsule Wardrobe creation
This is a great service to be performed seasonally for clients who wish to always stay timeless yet on trend!


Etiquette ServicesEtiquette Services
  • Nervous about that fancy dinner?
  • Wondering if that fork is for salad or the main course?
  • Did you feel out of place at that black tie affair?
The answer  is as simple as polishing up on those etiquette skills!
From dining etiquette to making conversation, were here to help you develop those skills of a lost art so you can impress at home, at work, and in social settings.
Duration: 90 minutes per session
Areas we can help you fine tune:
Etiquette 2Social
  • The Art of Conversations
  • The Art of Charm
  • Handling the public spotlight
  • Communication
  • The Art of Conversations
  • How to handle media attention
  • Introductions
  • Mobile Device Usage
  • Networking
  • Seminar Development
  • Speech Presentation
  • Table Manners
  • Dining Etiquette & Customs
  • Handling ‘sticky’ situations (in-public)
  • How to politely dispute
  • Introductions
  • Formal & Social Dinners
  • Table Manners


online dating packageOnline Dating Profile Package

Are you sick & tired of attracting the WRONG men to your profile?

Then let us help you write, project, and personify the fabulous successful woman you are and attract your ideal guy!

This package includes:

  • Creation of username and tagline that conveys your personality from the start
  • Writing of online profile for online dating websites
  • Picture & pose suggestions that complement your profile
  • Consultation of best practices on how to proceed with potential matches
  • Consultation on how to eloquently reject prospects you’re not interested in
  • Bi-annual revision of profile for two (2) years

Duration: varies