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9 Deadly Mistakes When Wearing White in Summer & How to Avoid Them

blog post-7.14.14-9 white what not to wear tipsWith the warmer brighter days of summer inevitably comes the fact that you’re wearing brighter colors.

One of the best (and otherwise “off-limits”) colors to wear is white.

White is a color that looks good on everyone…when worn in a way that flatters the wearer.

Read my list of the nine deadliest mistakes that I’ve seen clients make through the years and these what not to wear tips will help you stay on track when it comes to choosing the perfect pieces in white!

allwhite-7.14.14-9 white what not to wear tips 2Mistake #1: Not Paying Attention to Proportion

This is one of the main mistakes that people make when wearing white in the summer.  This means they want to wear tops and bottoms that don’t make their body look in proportion or better yet they wear pieces that blow their upper half or bottom half way out of proportion!  So you want to:

  • Wear bootcut style pants to balance wide hips
  • Wear lighter or white tops paired with white pants if you’re curvy or tall
  • Wear head-to-toe white in a monochromatic scheme to elongate and slim your frame


allwhite-7.14.14-9 white what not to wear tips 4Mistake #2: Wearing the Wrong Shoes

Wearing black shoes with white is a serious fashion no-no in most cases.  For this reason it’s important to know the color options you have available.  When wearing white in summer, try to go for shades and shapes that compliment your look, your foot, and your overall aesthetic.  I recommend:

  • Wear a white shoe
  • Avoid shoes with laces if they’re white
  • Wear high heels to make the legs look longer


allwhite-7.14.14-9 white what not to wear tips 1Mistake #3: Wearing White on the Wrong Occassions

Wearing white in summer is one of the most fashionable and chic things you can do!  However it isn’t appropriate for every activity or outing you’ll have.  If there’s water, physical activity, excessive food, or anything that stains I’d recommend to pick another color.

  • Don’t wear white to cookouts or restaurants
  • Don’t wear white to water or amusement parks
  • Don’t wear white to any activity where you’ll be doing excessive sweating


allwhite-7.14.14-9 white what not to wear tips 4Mistakes #4: Wearing White in the Wrong Materials

Ok, I know there isn’t really any “right” or “wrong” material to wear white in.  However, there are materials that work better than others, especially if you have a curvy or petite frame.

  • Wear white dresses in a wrinkle-free crepe or knit
  • Wear white jeans in a heavy gauge stretch denim for shape
  • Wear white blouses in quality silk, cotton or manmade fabrics


allwhite-7.14.14-9 white what not to wear tips 5Mistake #5: Wearing Too Tight White

If you’re like most fashionistas, wearing white in summer allows you to show off your best assets (and all your hard work in the gym from the winter:).  Though this is a great way to do that, be sure everything fits your body properly!

  • Don’t wear undergarments that are too tight
  • Don’t wear tops that are too tight because that equals back fat and bulges
  • Don’t wear bottoms that are too tight because that causes muffin top and rising hem lines


allwhite-7.14.14-9 white what not to wear tips 3Mistake #6: Wearing All White—Too Flat!

Earlier I said wearing all white is a lovely look for the summer.  And it is!  However, unless you’re built like a supermodel you need to add depth to your look to prevent it from being stale, overwhelming or stiff.

  • Mix different metallic to add depth to your all white look
  • Mix different tones of white, such as off white with winter white
  • Mix different textures of pieces in all white, such as seersucker, waffle knit and lace overlay


allwhite-7.14.14-9 white what not to wear tips 7Mistake #7: Wearing a Black Bra Under a White Top

This is something I’ve seen far too many times to count!  When you’re wearing all white in summer, be sure you check the mirror thoroughly before leaving the house.  Wear a white or nude bra—or better yet a built-in bra camisole to create a clean line under your top.

  • Don’t wear a solid black bra under a white top
  • Don’t wear bras with bulky straps under a white top
  • Don’t wear anything lacy or frilly under a thin white top


allwhite-7.14.14-9 white what not to wear tips 8Mistake #8: Wearing White Trainers for Non-Athletic Activities

Unless you’re at the gym or in an ‘all-white casual’ look, please avoid wearing white sneakers with your look.  This advice is slightly different for men, but for women just say no.  Go for colorful lifestyle trainers in colors that complement the color scheme of what you’re wearing.

  • Wear white trainers to the gym…only
  • Wear trainers when needed and nowhere else
  • Wear color-coordinated lifestyle athletic shoes for all other times such a shoe is needed


allwhite-7.14.14-9 white what not to wear tips 9Mistake #9: Wearing One-Size Fits All Anything…Especially in All-White

You know those tags that say “one size fits all” ?  Avoid any items that have such tags!  Even if the said garment does “fit” it’s not likely to look very nice on many people.  Shape had to be sacrificed in order for it to “fit all”.  Here are my tips to handle the most commonly found “one size fits all” items:

  • Wear white tee shirts in shapes and sizes that flatter your figure
  • Wear white accessories in odd numbers and different textures to add depth to your look
  • Wear white maxi skirts and dresses in cuts that flatter and conceal your body in a flattering way


I hope my what not to wear tips on wearing white were helpful!

What are some of the ways you like to wear white for summer?

Comment Below!


4 Comments on 9 Deadly Mistakes When Wearing White in Summer & How to Avoid Them

  1. Dilara Bosak
    at 9:24 am (4 years ago)

    I agree with every single one!! I am a huge fan of the all white look this summer! Even though I always stick to dresses or matching pieces. Would love to be able to find a pair of pants in white that would actually look good on me (and my short body) but it always tends to look more unflattering.

      at 3:17 pm (4 years ago)

      Hi Dilara,

      Thanks for commenting!

      Since you’re petite, you want to stick with straight leg styles of pants that will help accentuate length on your frame.

      Not so much skinny pants, but straight leg styles will work best. Also wear a white heeled shoes (such as pumps, sandals, etc.) with a straight leg white and you will enhance the illusion of height.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Melia
    at 7:43 am (4 years ago)

    I agree, women make these mistakes everyday. Especially wearing the wrong proportions!! It can go wrong really fast

      at 6:01 pm (4 years ago)

      Hi Melia,

      Thanks for your comment!

      Yes, white is a tricky color to wear and proportions is an easy way to get tripped up when wearing this color.

      “Always emphasize your positives” is a statement I live by and tell my clients often.



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