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Dating After A Break-Up

dating after a break-upWe all can relate to the feelings of breaking up, and well, it sucks!
Whether you’re the one ending the relationship or someone else is ending the relationship with you, there’s always a degree of emotional discomfort.
Check out these helpful posts I’ve found on the web that include some of the very real advice we give our clients in this area.

I. Getting Over Your Ex

  1. Science-Based Strategies for Getting Over Your Ex
  2. 7 Secrets to Getting Over Your Addiction to Your Ex 
  3. 8 Reasons To Finally Let Go Of Your Ex 
  4. 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Over Your Ex 
  5. Getting Over a Breakup Meditation – How to Survive a Breakup


II. Getting Back In the Game

  1. Yoga for Confidence
  2. I am Terrible at First Dates!
  3. 10 Basic Dating Tips
  4. 7 Tips to Create an Online Dating Profile that Works
  5. 7 Tips for Online Dating
  6. How to Prepare for a Night


III. Ensuring You Don’t Repeat Past Mistakes

  1. 6 Steps to Finding Your Soulmate
  2. 15 Questions That Can Bring You Closer to Your Partner Today
  3. Yoga & Relationships: Stretching Toward Commitment
  4. Discovering Your Spouse’s Love Language
  5. Learn to Speak Your Spouse’s Love Language
  6. Tantric Yoga – For Deeper Relationships
  7. Tips for Improving Sexuality and Relationships with Yogita, Senior Tantric Yoga Teacher

Are you a woman and still need a little more help with dating after a breakup?

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