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Dating on the Rebound

Dating on the Rebound
Rebound dating

It’s a crazy, loony, and possibly funny place most of us have been.

After a relationships ends, it’s quite common to go “on the rebound” and kind of date people who aren’t in your usual scope.  This can be a good or bad thing, all depending upon where you’re head is at when you do it.

In our latest book with fab dating advice for women, we discuss several ways on how to secure the relationship you want using some methods you may have never been taught or simply forgotten about.   However our “sage advice” doesn’t usually apply to women on the rebound.

Here are some helpful articles about dating on the rebound…whatever your stance is on the subject:

Want more?  Here’s also a great list of resources that dive a little more in-depth on the subject:

So have you ever been on the rebound?

Was it a good experience or a terrible time in dating?

Comment below!


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