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What Are Different Ways To Wear A Slipdress?

dress to impress - 5 ways to wear a slipdress 1You pose in the mirror.  Twisting this way and that, trying to get a view of how you’ll look from every side.  The silky material runs through your fingers as it clings to every curve.  You’ve worked months so you’d look good in this tricky yet feminine staple of a dress.

Does this sound like you?

In case you’re wondering, I’m talking about none other than the slipdress!

The slipdress can be long, maxi length or short, knee length.  It’s basically fashioned after the classic slip undergarment but has been brought into the present by being made to be worn as a dress.  The slipdress is very versatile and a great layering piece.  For women with perfectly proportioned bodies or who aren’t afraid to show their curves, it can be worn alone.  If you want a more subtle, sophisticated, or bohemian look, try layering a slip dress with other pieces.

Follow my fast and easy tips and you’ll learn the top 5 ways to wear a slipdress, and you’ll be able to transition day-to-night, work-to-evening, or casual-to-formal attire!

Look #1: Long Slipdress + Trench Coat

This is a classic, old Hollywood style in which to wear your slipdress.  Go for a slipdress in a soft shade of purple, green, or blue and pair with a darker trench in a contrasting shade.  This will give your look an overall aire of sophistication and elegance.  I’d recommend this combination for an evening event or more upscale dinner.

dress to impress - 5 ways to wear a slipdress 2


Look #2: Short Slipdress + Long Slipdress

For a bohemian flair, wear a short slipdress over a long slipdress.  To really pull this look off, and avoid looking bulky, go for a short slipdress in a silky or satin material.  Embellishments are also a great addition.  Choose a long slipdress in a lightweight jersey knit or modal.

dress to impress - 5 ways to wear a slipdress 3


Look #3: Short Slipdress + V-Neck Sweater + Belt

To add sophistication, modesty, and a lot more coverage try this look.  Pair a knee length slipdress with a v-neck sweater, a skinny belt, pumps and a clutch.  This is a stunning look that can go from the office to dinner.

dress to impress - 5 ways to wear a slipdress 4


Look #4: Long Slipdress + Boxy Jacket

Another office appropriate combination is to pair a long slip dress with a boxy non-moto jacket and modest heels.  Who says what you wear to work can’t be fabulous & professional?

dress to impress - 5 ways to wear a slipdress 5


Look #5: Short Slipdress + Boyfriend Jeans

I like this look when you want to dress up everyday casual.  Pair a short slip dress with slouchy boyfriend or baggy jeans then throw on strappy sandals and a cute cardigan.  To keep the look streamlined, choose a pair of jeans with a great fit around the waist and hips with all the “slouch” being in the leg area.

dress to impress - 5 ways to wear a slipdress 6

So these are some fun and fabulous ways to wear a slipdress.

Let’s recap…

GIF - dress to impress - 5 ways to wear a slipdress

Do you like slipdresses?  If so, which, if any of these ways would you try?

Comment below!


4 Comments on What Are Different Ways To Wear A Slipdress?

      at 4:32 pm (4 years ago)

      Hi Alecia,

      Yeah, slip dresses can be a little tricky but are more versatile than most people realize!

      I hope I’ve inspired you to try some cool looks with slipdresses:)


  1. Dilara
    at 4:57 pm (4 years ago)

    Love the post! I love slip dresses but am always to nervous to where them on the ‘normal’ days, but will definitely try it out like how you’ve described!!

      at 5:41 pm (4 years ago)

      Hi Dilara,

      Thanks for your comment! I totally understand what you mean. Many of my clients struggle with how and where to wear a slipdress.

      They can so easily go from formal to casual and back again, that I thought this post would be useful:)



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