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Who’s Wearing Overalls That Look Good on Them?

blog post-7.17.14 dress to impress overallsIt seems that the fun and sun of summer is about more than sundresses, Benton striped shirts, and beautiful sandals.

Yes I’m referring to the oh so childhood chic trend of overalls!

And trust me this trend is having an impact on everyone–many times we expect celebrity style to be over-the-top and glamorous, but it seems some of the biggest celebrities are also getting in on the overall fashion trend.  So If you’re tired of seeing your favorite celebs wear this easy one piece but have no clue how you can don them, then follow my seven rules on how to wear overalls like a pro.

Stylist Fashion Tips #1: Make the overalls the focal point

If you want to embrace this trend, one of the most important tips to remember is to understand that the overalls themselves need to be the focal point of your look.

  • Keep layers minimal
  • Don’t distract with too many accessories
  • Choose footwear that blends or compliments vs. overshadows the overalls


Stylist Fashion Tips #2: Go monochromatic, dramatic!

Take this trend up a notch by layering a shirt underneath the same color as the overalls you choose!  This works best with colored denim or non-denim set of overalls.  For the most impact choose all white or all black.

Stylist Fashion Tips #3: Keep it feminine

Since you’re still a fabulous woman, even though you’re wearing a unisex garment, be sure to keep the overall effect feminine.  This means:

  • Ditch the flannel shirt
  • Go with feminine print on the shirt you wear under the overalls
  • Wear feminine accessories like thin chains, pearls, and gemstones


Stylist Fashion Tips #4: Ensure your overalls are a great fit

There’s nothing worse than looking sloppy or as if your clothes are too big.  Take this advice to heart when choosing a pair of overalls.  The sides and especially the crotch area need to compliment your figure and height.  Even if they’re meant to be a bit big, they should still accentuate not shroud your shape.

Stylist Fashion Tips #5: Choose accessories that polish your look

The point of this trend is to look chic in a usually not-so-chic garment, you want to steer clear of looking childish, overdone, or plain.  The best tips for accessories are:

  • Don’t choose too many accessories
  • Choose accessories all in the same materials or color scheme for continuity in your look
  • Accessories should draw the eye to different points of interest of the overalls or the fit (such as a great belt)


Stylist Fashion Tips #6: Wear with heels (preferably stlilettos)

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, then you know I’m crazy about (read: obsessed) with heels.  It’s my shoe of choice…period.  Since classic works best with something like overalls, go for a closed toe pump with a 3” to 4” stiletto heel and boyfriend style overalls with a great cuff at the bottom.  These pair so effortlessly well together, you have to do little else to grab attention.

Stylist Fashion Tips #7:  Think outside the denim box

When we think of overalls, we usually think of denim.  Buck this idea by choosing overalls in different fabrics for summer, such as:

  • Linen
  • Corduroy
  • Vegan leather

So how do you feel about overalls?

Is this something you’d wear out and about in a chic style statement, or do you believe they’re best left for painting walls?

Comment below!


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