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What Do I Wear With A Plaid Shirt?

dress to impress plaidStripes? Solids? Floral? As you stare at the shirt you just had to have, your mind draws a blank on what to wear with it. As you stare at the shirt you just had to have, your mind draws a blank on what to wear with it. Many a style magazine give confusing and conflicting advice when it comes to what to wear with a plaid shirt. Oh, and just in case you’ve been holding your breath, actually the answer is all of these things.

Let’s start by defining plaid. For the purposes of this post, plaid is a cross-hatched pattern created by weaving or dyeing perpendicular strips and bands of color. Plaid has been around a long time and been mixed and matched by just about every major designer in one season or another. Follow our sound fashion advice and you’ll nail wearing plaid, any time and in any season.

Wear with primary colors for a casual look

Most plaids contain blue or red in their pattern, so this is easy to do. Just pair your plaid shirt with a pair of jeans or casual pants in red or blue (or yellow if you’re truly daring!). Pick the color that most closely compliments or is included in the pattern of the shirt itself.

Since I’m kind of obsessed with heels, I’d throw on a pair of pumps or stilettos booties to add more feminine charm to this look. If heels aren’t your thing, go for a pair of cute flats.

dress to impress plaid 2


Wear with dark colors for a polished look

Wearing a plaid shirt in a more polished manner will require you to use less color.

  • Pick a pair of bottoms in a dark color present in the plaid shirt pattern
  • Go for shoes in that same dark color
  • All accessories should be a variation on the theme of that dark color
  • Stay in shades close to your own skin tone for makeup, using the dark color in the plaid shirt as an accent
  • Mix & match materials in the same shade to give your look depth. For example, pair leathers, patent leathers, lace, and embroidered fabrics all in the same color

dress to impress plaid 3

Wear with other patterns for a max versatility

If you really want to dress to impress with a different twist on what to wear with a plaid shirt, then go for other prints! The way to do this and not look like paint set exploded all over you, is to stick with the same colors for each pattern. Start with three color you want to work with, and find a plaid shirt and a second print in those three colors.

Another rule of thumb is that when you wear several patterns together, they should gradually get larger from top to bottom. The rule of color and the rule of graduation will help keep your look balanced as well as edgy.

dress to impress plaid 4




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