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How Do I Wear Metallics?

blog post-mundane metallics 1The Problem:

With the crazy temperamental weather of the early months of the year, I’ve gotten into a bit of a style rut. Not the stylishness of the clothes themselves, but the oftime ‘All-Black Everything‘ color scheme being followed.

Without a doubt, I love the color black. I can mix and match black with just about everything and go from casual to dressy instantly! But now I’ll in the place where I want to liven up the classics.

I want to bring in a bit more glam in my composed sophisticated look in a timeless way…so what’s a glamazon to do?!


blog post-mundane metallics 2

Fashion Stylist Tip: Metallics can jazz up the mundane colors worn in winter

The Solution:

After spending quite a bit of time digging through my many closets, I came upon the answer to my quest…metallics!

The concept is simple, add metallics to my look in order jazz it up on the often drab weather of winter. Metallics are the perfect solution because the can act as an accent or a neutral. You can also wear metallics in various tone, from muted to shiny to mirror. Think lamé fabrics, sumptuous leathers, and gleaming vinyls. The materials available in metallic colors is vast to say the least.

Jewelry and accessories is also another way to wear metallics.


blog post-mundane metallics 3

Fashion Stylist Tip: Shoes are the easiest way to add metallic colors to your wardrobe.

The Breakdown:
  • Basic metallic colors include silver, gold, bronze, and pewter
  • Metallics can be worn as neutrals or accents
  • Metallics come in different finishes, including matte, mirror, and shiny
  • There are a wide variety of fabrics that come in metallic colors
  • Jewelry and accessories are an easy way to update and modernize a look

So how would you jazz up your look?

Would you try adding metallics or would another look work for you?

Comment below!


1 Comment on How Do I Wear Metallics?

  1. Maya
    at 10:16 am (2 years ago)

    Color is a pretty faniascting topic. I realized a few days ago when I was out with a beautiful blue velvet to match up, thinking it would be a 1,2,3 deal well ..2 hours later and hundreds of blues later, I realized color is a whole other world. How many whites are there? Like over 150 I believe! Its interesting to see the trends in colors too great post.


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