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How Can I Wear A Maxi Skirt?

how to wear a maxi skirtThe maxi skirt…

This is one of the true transitional pieces that should be a staple in every woman’s closet.  By definition the maxi skirt is an ankle length skirt.  However there are so many ways this ankle length skirt can be worn.  If you go for one in heavier jersey knit or a lightweight crepe it will be the most versatile in your wardrobe.  If you ever wondered how to wear a maxi skirt, here are a few ways that will take you from day-to-night, casual-to-formal and back again!

Stylist Fashion Tip#1: Maxi Skirt + Denim Jacket

This is a look that works best with a richly printed maxi skirt.  Pair the skirt with a cropped or hip length denim jacket that has a great cut to accentuate the waist.  No boxy jackets here!  A beautiful semi-sheer tank and flats will make this a perfect look for a casual date, a day at the museum, or running errands around the city.

Stylist Fashion Tip #2: Maxi Skirt + Crop Top

I like this for more of a dressy or evening look.  Pair a maxi skirt with a crop top that looks good on your body. The material of the skit should say “chic and sophisticated”  Go darker on the bottom and save the beautiful print for the crop top, because after all that’s the show piece of this look!  Throw on some strappy heels and grab an evening clutch and you’re ready to go.

Stylist Fashion Tip #3: Maxi Skirt + Collared Blouse

If you want to take your love for maxi skirts to the office, then try this combo:  pair a maxi skirt with an embellished collared blouse for an easy business casual look.  To ensure your look stays work appropriate, avoid maxi skirts made of jersey knit or modal as these materials are too clingy to be flattering in an office environment.  A maxi skirt with more structure (and preferably a lining) will work best for an office look.

Some great fabrics to pick for a maxi skirt you plan to wear to the office include:

  • chiffon
  • crepe
  • lace overlay
  • silk
  • silk-crepe.


Stylist Fashion Tip #4: Maxi Skirt + Tee

For fun and functional a maxi skirt paired with a v-neck tee is very flattering.  What you’ll be doing that day will determine the best shoes to wear with this look.  If you’ll be running errands, a pair of canvas sneakers will be a good choice; if you’ll be doing lunch with friends, try a breezy scarf and peep toe patent leather wedges for a flattering look with a hint of vintage.

Stylist Fashion Tip #5: Maxi Skirt worn as Maxi Dress

Lastly you can make your maxi skirt the whole outfit!  For this look, simply wear your maxi skirt as a dress by pulling it up under your armpits.  For this look to work, you want a maxi skirt with an elastic waistband that’s not too structured.  Good foundation garments (read: underwear) are also important.  A strapless bra or strapless shaper will provide a bit more “grip” to help the maxi skirt stay in place.  Give this look plenty of shape by wearing a wide belt and a cropped cardigan.  My suggestion is to go for a skirt that has rich colors and patterns and choose accessories in solid darker complimentary colors.

Now you know how to wear a maxi skirt in a few amazing ways, which ones will you choose?

Tell me below!


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2 Comments on How Can I Wear A Maxi Skirt?

  1. Djamila
    at 3:10 pm (4 years ago)

    Great post! I absolutely love maxi skirt. They’re my go to piece in the spring and summer. I personally love wearing them with a crop top. I think it looks super cute and depending on the type of skirt and top it can be a very casual look or more formal.

    xx Djamila

      at 3:24 pm (4 years ago)

      Hi Djamila,

      Thanks for your comment! Yes, maxi skirts are fabulous and versatile for the spring summer season.

      I love them because you can wear it pretty much anyway you want and still look good.



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