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How Can I Restore Vintage Or Consignment Pieces?

magic vinegar solutionToday I was out in the chilly weather of Philly pulling clothes for a photo shoot coming up on Saturday.

Since the vibe of the shoot is supposed to be a 60’s Bridgitte Bardot theme, one of my first stops was a second-hand store I really like. The Wardrobe Boutique is the retail/store portion of the non-profit Career Wardrobe.

So when I was browsing I came across some fabulous pieces for the shoot but also a few designer pieces for myself!

When I got my purchases home, I saw that one needed a bit of cleaning/freshening up.

This particular piece was a wool scarf and I have an easy solution to cleaning and refreshing such an item. Follow the pics and instructions below!

Step 1: Make a solution of 1 cup distilled water + 1/4 cup white vinegar + 1/2 Tbsp. Febreeze Original

magic vinegar solution1These are the 3 ingredients needed to make my Magic Vinegar Solution to freshen/clean fabrics.



magic vinegar solution2Once the boiled tap water is cooled, you’ll have distilled water.
Add the other ingredients at this point to create my Magic Vinegar Solution!



magic vinegar solution3My Magic Vinegar Solution is clear & won’t stain clothing.





Step 2: Lay scarf out on a flat surface

magic vinegar solution4On a clean towel, I laid the scarf out flat on the floor.




magic vinegar solution5






Step 3: Take a clean dry washcloth and dip it into the solution

magic vinegar solution6Dipping a clean washcloth in my Magic Vinegar Solution.





Step 4: Gently but firmly apply the solution to the recycled designer scarf.

magic vinegar solution7Applying my Magic Vinegar Solution to the first side of the recycled designer scarf.

magic vinegar solution7Adding my Magic Vinegar Solution to the second side of the recycled designer scarf.




Step 5: Use the dry part of the washcloth to vigorously rub over the are where you just put the solution

magic vinegar solution8Gently but firmly rubbing my Magic Vinegar Solution into the first side of the recycled designer scarf.



***Tip: No area should ever be soaked or saturated with the solution.***


Step 6: Any areas where there are stains, you may need to add a bit more solution and repeat step 5 a few times.

Step 7: Once you have gone over both sides of the recycled designer scarf, hang it in a place to air dry.

magic vinegar solution9Here I’ve hung the wool scarf in a closet to allow my Magic Vinegar Solution to dry . The scarf will come out crisp, clean & fresh!



Here’s a recap!

Test my Magic Vinegar Solution out today and let me know how much $$$ it saved you and how fresh your clothes are!

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