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How Do I Create More Space In My Closet?

No Wire Hangers“No wire hangers…ever!”

This is the infamous line (and scene) that Faye Dunaway acted out in her portrayal of Joan Crawford in “Mommy Dearest“. After screaming this line at her daughter Christina Crawford, Joan proceeds to beat the girl with a wire hanger!

Extreme yes, awesome movie…yes.

Anyway, the point is, you need to feel the same way about wire hangers in your closet. (Sans the child abuse).

In my previous post, I started out telling you the merits of folding sweaters for greater closet space and now I’m here to tell you that wire hangers creep into our closets from clothes that we have had dry cleaned. They leave ugly hanger marks, unsightly creases, weird angles, and can cause a garment to be mishappen in the end.

I say again, no wire hangers!

Ridding your closet of wire hangers is a necessity if you want to maximize space.

Here’s a short video I found on YouTube that I think explains it well:)

Step 1: Get Wire Hangers out of Your Closet

This is simple, just go through your closet and pull out all of the wire hangers.

This includes empty hangers as well as those with clothes hanging on them.


Step 2: Replace Wire Hangers with Plastic Hangers (or Velvet)

You may have to purchase a few additional plastic hangers but it’s worth it!

(These Notched Hangers Set of 36 (White) (16 3/4 in.W) are some of my favorite plastic hangers).

Re-hang all of your clothing on plastic hangers and put them back in your closet.


Step 3: Celebrate!

Ok, now you should be thrilled with your progress and see that your closet now looks neater and definitely has more space.

Oh and for those of you who have never seen the clip, check out it out below!

All jokes (and psychosis) aside, how do you choose the best hangers for your clothes?

Do you just use whatever is available?

Let me know, comment below!


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