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What Does It Mean to Have “Personal Style”?

"personal style"

Personal Stylist Tip: Understand your personal style and you will save time, money and effort when it comes to shopping.

In my last post, I discussed how to get a tidy closet.

Now that your closet is wonderfully organized, you’re probably looking at all the stuff that remains and are a bit leary of how to make it all work.

The first step is to understand your personal style.

It means you need to research yourself and objectively assess what you do and don’t like.

Trust me, this process is fun!

In my personal experience and opinion, having personal style means that a person has an honest and confident view of themselves in relationship to fashion. They express and understand their personal style in the way they dress, act, accessorize, and interact with the world.  Fashion magazines can be a big help (most of the time) when you’re doing your research.

Having personal style is something that far exceeds any fashion trend, red carpet look, or latest “it” color. It’s something that’s an effective and informative source of non-verbal communication for others to use and gather information. Even if a person sees you and doesn’t understand your personal style (because it’s different from their personal style), they will still learn alot about you…and you never have to say a word!

Here’s a video I came across describing personal style…Enjoy!


Now it’s your turn!

Tell me what’s your personal style in the comments below.

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