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Styling Practice: Casual Sophisticate

styling practice - casual sophisticateThe Look:

This look screams urban, casual sophisticate! It incorporates the designer sweateshirt and makes it wearable for the fearless fashionable woman.

Why I Love It:

The sweatshirt is given a sophisticated polished edge by being paired with cuffed ankle trousers.

Basic black is made modern with the geometric theme of the sweatshirt.  White & black are styled in equal (meaning symmetric) parts with this color combo being seen on both the sweatshirt and in the t-strap sandals

This look is versatile and can be worn business casually (just add a collared white shirt underneath the sweathshirt and let the tails show out of the bottom) or for just running errands on a Saturday afternoon.  Lastly, this look is timelessly stylish.  I can see it being worn this fall season or in many fall seasons to come!

*Fashion Stylist Tip:

  • Pair looser shaped items (such as a sweatshirt) with more tailored items to achieve a polished casual look
  • Wear two-tone items (such as the sweatshirt and shoes) symmetrically
  • Add geometric prints & patterns to your closet in small doses to keep the look professional

With the cold weather out, is this a look you would try?

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