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Styling Practice: French Chic

French Chic 1As I was playing around with a simple red maxi dress that was purchased for one of my clients, I came up with a very simple way to accessorize it.

Since the overall theme I was going for was feminine, effortless and minimal, my mind immediately went to a very stylish French woman.  French women hands down have this “effortless chic” thing down pat.

Here are my top tips on how to add a little French Chic” to your own wardrobe:

1. Less is More

French women often swap glam and glitter with self-confidence!  To me this means a few key accessories in high-quality materials is better than loads of junky cheap accessories.

2. Highlight your best features.

For instance, if you have nice curves, show them off with a perfect-fitted high waist skirt. Or if you have a very symmetrical face, wear something that draws attention to your upper half with a beautiful necklace or a pair of earrings that flatter your skin tone. That’s part of chic fashion!

In my case, my client is tall and lithe with a small waist.  The ruching on the side of this dress really shows that off.

3. Stick with Primarty Colors & Neutral Colors

If you want to embrace French fashion keep your color choices to primary colors and neutrals.

a) Primary Colors: red, blue, and yellow

b) Neutral Colors: brown, black, beige and white.

Muted greens and purple are also a part of their main color palette – either monochromatic or in small drizzles.

When going for bright red keep it the center of attraction or main piece of the outfit.

French Chic 24. Timeless Pieces

French women focus on simple clothing, and know that they don’t need the flashiest clothes to look good.

5. It’s a Scarf Thing

A scarf is a fabulous finishing touch to an outfit.

Very French.

Wear it around your neck, let it hang loose or wrap it around the handle of your bag. The choice is yours!

6. Caps and Hats

When fall is around the corner, most French women pull out their famous winter cap. It adds a cute and quirky vibe to their outfit.  Berets and knitted caps are typical French and a must-own during colder months. For a fashion statement try a hat in a typical Fall color – such as plum and red.

7. Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses in either black or brown are a must! Black and brown go with everything. These dark neutrals also exude an alluring look that go hand in hand with French style.
If oversized doesn’t suit you try simple aviator sunglasses or square shaped frames.

8. Handbags

For French women, a bag should balance with the rest of their outfit. Select simple bags preferably in versatile colors like black, brown or white/cream. Look for handbags with a touch of luxury and elegance, such as gold hardware and croc texture material.

But of course, if you can also carry a bag that creates a statement or adds an unexpected zest to a simple outfit. Just make sure that your clothes are simple and solid colored to help highlight the bag.
So how “French Chic” are you?

What are the pieces of your wardrobe that define your style?

Comment below!

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