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Styling Practice: Graphic, Mod & Spicy

Graphic, Mod & Spicy


The Look:

Here’s a clean, crisp yet refreshingly modern business casual look.

The use of graphics and one of Pantone’s Spring 2014 colors in the shade of cayenne brings color and modern style.

Why I Love It:

The slim-cut black trousers and button-up cardigan are versatile, yet stylish enough to work in any business casual environment. The basic colors of black and white are timeless, seasonless, and trendless. Figures in modern fashion have always paired these two colors together and they’re also extremely appropriate in a work environment.

The personality of the fashionista wearing the look is first seen in the bold geometric print of the cardigan. It’s something that can’t possibly be ignored! To add yet another layer of interest to this look, a stunning on trend color is added as a layering piece underneath the cardigan. The cayenne blouse let’s color peak out at the neckline and the sleeves.

Symmetry is achieved in this look by color only being visible in three places. Also the color temperature of the look is raised by such a bold yet warm color being added. The cayenne blouse keeps the look fun and prevents it from being too stark with only black and white.

*Fashion Stylist Tip:

  • When wearing bold patterns in a top, pick colors that can easily be paired with a solid colored bottom in either of those colors. Preferably the darker of those colors.
  • When wearing bold patterns in bottoms should 1) aim to only include darker colors that are complimentary to the wearers body shape and 2) be easily paired with a solid colored tops in either of those colors.
  • Balance the color temperatures of a look by balancing cool/cold colors with warm/hot colors to achieve symmetry and a look that’s very pleasing to the eye.
  • When wearing bold patterns, do so in well tailored items. Think of a boxy cut blazer, sleeveless shell, cardigan, a-line skirt, etc.
  • When choosing bold colors and patterns, ensure you choose those that flatter your figure. For instance, if you are larger on the bottom, wear darker colors on the bottom and bolder colors and patterns on top–and vice versa. You never want to look like a spectacle! Leave visual spectacles to designer and haute couture runways.

So how do you feel about graphic prints?

Are they something you want to add into your wardrobe?

Let me know, comment below!


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