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What Are Some Great Combos For “Sweater Weather”?

medium_5268233326Boot and sweater weather, a.k.a Fall, is the chicest time of year!

There’s so much variety and yet simplicity in finding the perfect fall pieces to fit your life and style.  In a previous post, I discussed how to choose the right ankle boots for fall.  Now as a follow-up I wanted to give you five timeless, easy pairings to wear for this transitional time of year.

For work and for play!

Combo #1: Cowl-Neck Sweater + Skinny Jeans


This first combo takes casual to a sexy and sophisticated level.  Pair a cowl-neck sweater with a flattering pair of skinny or boot cut jeans.  Remember, it’s important to wear styles that compliment your figure, no matter the latest trend.

  • For the sweater: Choose a fine knit.  Avoid anything chunky, as the cowl neck adds enough volume to this look.  If you have a larger bust or mid-section, then stick with a dark color sweater (such as black or navy).  If you have a smaller bust and slim waist, you can play with brighter colors.
  • For the skinny jeans: Flatter your figure by going with a fit that works for you.  A dark wash, black, or grey will give the greatest slimming effect.

Combo #2: Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater + Printed Maxi Skirt


Business casual never looked so comfortable yet fabulous!  This pairing of sweater and skirt will take you from the office to after work with friends or even on a casual first date!  The key to making this look work is wearing proportions that work for you.  Make sure the sweater fits perfectly and the skirt isn’t too voluminous.

  • For the turtleneck: Update the turtleneck by choosing a fine knit in a sleeveless style.  If you don’t have arms as fabulous as you would like, then choose a cap, mid or 3/4 length style.  The most important thing is to choose something more fitted versus chunky.  A chunky sweater in this look can look a little “school marmish”.  A dark solid color will be your best choice and you can never go wrong with black!
  • For the maxi skirt:  Here’s a great opportunity to wear a fun print!  If you’re new to wearing print or want to keep it classic, go with a plaid or houndstooth.  But if you’re more daring, then go for one of the season’s hottest prints.


Combo #3: V-Neck Sweater + Gaucho Pants


This is another office appropriate look for sweater weather!  If long skirts aren’t your thing, then go for a pair of tailored pants in a slightly shorter length.  Gaucho pants are perfect for the transitional temps of fall and are an unexpected surprise when you wear them in any look.

  • For the V-Neck sweater: You want to go a bit oversized here, yet still make sure the sweater compliments your silhouette!  If you choose a deep v-neck sweater, then layer a collared white shirt underneath it.  if you choose a more shallow v-neck, then it can be more fitted.
  • For the gaucho pants: When choosing gaucho pants for fall, you want a pair that hits around mid-calf.  If you go any shorter then you’re going for culottes which isn’t nearly as flattering in this look.  The fit through the hips and the the flare of the gaucho pants should flatter your figure.  Wool, a wool blend, or leather are the best materials to choose and dark colors will prove to be the most versatile in your wardrobe.


Combo #4: Graphic Print Sweater Dress + Opaque Tights


This look will work at work or when you’re out and about.  It’s a bit on the dressier side but I love the versatility and the comfort of it.  A great sweater dress can be worn alone, with tights, with leggings, and with endless options of shoes.  The key is finding a fit and pattern that flatter you.  To disguise any areas, go for mitered or diagonal stripes which serve as the ultimate optical illusion!

  • For the sweater dress: Fit is king! A cinched waist with a neckline that flatters your bust (cowl always looks good, just go larger for small bust and smaller for large bust).  Keep the length at or slightly above the knee to ensure it’s appropriate for work as well as play.
  •  For the opaque tights: Anything with a sheen (paired with heels) will make your legs look longer.  Pick any dark color that’s also in the graphic print of the sweater dress you’ve chosen.


Combo #5: Fair-Isle Sweater + Leather Leggings


A timeless pattern for cold weather, you don’t have to worry about the sweater you pick ever going out of style!  The most important thing is to pick a fit that flatters.  Avoid oversized styles in favor of a more tailored look.  Squared shoulder, cinched waist, or cropped style will add depth to your look.

  • For the sweater: Go for a sweater where the main color is dark (like black, navy or burgundy) and the Fair Isle pattern is a lighter contrast (such as white, ivory or gold).  This give lots of dimension to your look and further enhances the tailored styling you chose.
  • For the leather leggings: Leggings are tricky beasts so you want to make sure you choose a pair that flatters your legs and doesn’t slide down as you walk!  Faux leather is a more affordable choice, but less durable.  The best fit is usually with a pair of leather leggings that are mixed media meaning they have patches of leather as accents with the main material being a thick knit.  Stick with dark colors for the most wear.

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Shop my top “sweater weather” pick below:

Sweater Weather_KR Lookbook 10.27.14

What are your favorite things to wear in sweater weather?

Comment below!

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