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What Are The Top 5 Wearable Trends For Spring 2014?

Wearable Fashion Trend 6Spring is a time to put away all of the heavy layers and wear the flirty pieces in ‘go to’ shades of the season.

To that end, we’ve taken stock of the trends that have worked best for our clients, and come up with the top 5 most wearable trends for Spring.

Now, every body type is different, but in general this is what we’ve seen work best for clients.
Wearable Fashion Trend #1: Boxy, Cropped Jackets

Wearable Fashion Trend 1

  • How to wear it: This is an easy trend to add to any suit or business wear. There are several ways to wear a boxy jacket. One of the easiest is parining it with a midi skirt or midi skirt. You can also go for a pair of bootleg cut trousers. The key to making this trend work for you is to make sure your top half is balance by the proportion of the style of bottoms you choose. You don’t want to look square or manly, but wearing a more feminine or looser cut bottom will balance your silhouette. A boxy cropped jacket also works well with skinny jeans if you have the silhouette for it.
  • When to wear it: Office and business wear or some hipster style casual wear.


Wearable Fashion Trend #2: Wide-Leg Trousers

Wearable Fashion Trend 2

  • How to wear it: Wide leg trousers are a very versatile trend that you can embrace for spring. Whether you’re short or tall, as long as you get proportions and a flare that works for your body type, you’ll look fabuolous wearing this trend.
  1. For Office Attire: I suggest going for darker trousers with a leaner flare. The leg will be wider than bootcut but not a full-blown bell bottom. Pair with a more sleek cut blouse to give the look balance. A floral or graphic print against a darker background will work well in many professional environments. Just steer clear of denim if your office is more conservative and instead opt for a pair of wide leg trousers in a crepe fabric.
  2. For Casual Wear: Go all out hippie and go for a denim wide leg trouser closer to a bell bottom and pair with a peasant syle top or tunic. If the 60’s aren’t quite your style, pair linen wide leg trousers with a button up or lightweight knit top. Worn in a solid color head-to-toe, this is a very dramatic and sophisticated effect.
  3. For Formal Wear: Re-invent the woman’s tuxedo and go for a pair of wide-leg trousers, a sleek cumberbund, and a fitted longer tux jacket. Top it all off with a pair of killer stiletto pumps with lots of sparkle!
  • When to wear it: Very versatile and can be worn to the office, casual wear, and even formal attire!.


Wearable Fashion Trend #3: Pastel Colors

Wearable Fashion Trend 3

  • How to wear it: Pastels are our favorite unisex trend here at Sasha Bowman Personal Shopping & Image Consulting! It looks good on everyone, and I do mean everyone, the key is knowing where and how to incorporate it into your closet. Pastels look good on deeper complexions and when mixing silhouettes (think tailored verses loose structures). If you want to add pastels quickly, then do it in the form of accents. A neck scarf with a maxi dress or business suit on women works equally well. For men, go for a pastel colored shirt or tie underneath a charcal grey or navy blue suit. No matter what you wear, you can find a way to incorporate pastels!
  • When to wear it: Office/business wear and casual wear

Wearable Fashion Trend #4: Tea Length Skirts

Wearable Fashion Trend 4

  • How to wear it: This is a trend that pays homeage to the length of skirt that was popular between the 1940’s and the 1960’s. Basically, The bottom hem of a tea length skirt (or dress) hangs just about at mid-calf, and sometimes slightly lower. When you try one on and look in the mirror, the hem should basically hang about half way between your knees and your ankles. This is a trend that looks good in more dressy casual wear. We recommend this most for the woman who has a silhouette more toward the traditional hourglass or simply has a small waist. It works well to accent this with a wide belt, cardigan, or cropped top…it all depends on the direction you want to take the style.
  • When to wear it: Dressy casual wear (i.e. country clubs, preppy chic, etc.)


Wearable Fashion Trend #5: Urban Cowgirl

Wearable Fashion Trend 5

  • How to wear it: After the CHANEL Dallas Show in the Fall, there was an explosion of cowboy inspired looks. This can most easily be incorporated with pieces made of earthy fabrics such as leather and suede. Also wear fringe, native inspired patterns (colorful ones at that!) and cowboy boots if you’re cheeky enough to try this trend.
  • When to wear it: Casual wear

Now it’s your turn to try!

Which of these trends do you think you would actually wear?

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


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