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What’s The Right Panty For Me To Wear?

wearing the right pantyIt’s extremely important for any well-dressed woman to always be wearing the right panty. Whether you have a large lingerie collection of thongs, or if you’re thinking of buying your first one, finding a thong panty that fits is key if you want to find panties that fit comfortably!

There are countless designs and styles of undergarments in every fabric imaginable. One of the first tips in wearing the right panty is to choose fabrics that won’t chafe or irritate the skin. This is doubly important when finding a thong panty that fits your body well and can be worn comfortably all day.

Panties that fit comfortably (especially when seeking a thong panty that fits) need to have three main characteristics:

  • breathability,
  • carrying moisture away from the skin, and
  • ability to stay in place.
wearing the right panty 2

Personal Stylist Tip: If you want panties that fit comfortably, wearing the right panty at all times, and finding a style of thong panty that fits is key to any woman’s flawless wardrobe.

Breathability starts with a great fabric that has a weave that allows air flow through it. The most breathable fabrics include cotton, microfiber, and silk. Just as a side tip, if your goal is to be wearing the right panty at all times, also choose more natural fibers as opposed to synthetics.

Also, wearing the right panty includes caring for your undergarments appropriately. To increase the chance that you’ll always be wearing panties that fit comfortably, you should always launder your undergarments before you wear them for the first time to remove the “sizing” or the fabric’s synthetic finish. After washing your panties, they’ll feel softer to the touch and next to your skin. In addition, if you wear your new panties before washing them, any stains on them will be more difficult to remove later.

A thong panty that fits should also serve the purpose of carrying moisture away from the skin. This means that all sweat should be captured in the fabric and not left to sit on the skin where it can easily cause chafing. This goes for the “V” shape in the front as well as the strip or string of fabric in the back!

Lastly, panties that fit comfortably stay in place! For this to occur, you want to choose panties that have nylon or other stretch, Yes, natural material is still best, however a bit of stretch will allow for a better fit and for you to be wearing the right panty it has to conform effortlessly to your body. It should never look like (or feel like) you’re in a tug of war with your undies.

wearing the right panty 3

Personal Stylist Tip: The right material is important when searching for a thong panty that fits.

Another important and often neglected factor in finding a thong panty that fits is to consider your body type in relation to the crotch area of the fabric. The crotch area of thongs is minimal but should be cotton versus anything else. In order to have panties that fit comfortably this crotch area needs to run along the full length of your lady parts;)

When the fabric is soft and breathable, and the thong’s fabric in the crotch area covers you and fits comfortably, then you’ll know that you have found the brand and style of your favorite thong. Before long, you’ll have an ample collection of perfect thong panty that fits that you will love to wear and buy again when the old ones wear out.

So what are your favorite types of underwear to wear and for what occasions?

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