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The Art of Shopping


The Art of ShoppingDo You Hate to Shop?
  • Tired of being lied to about what’s actually on sale at the store?
  • Are you frustrated and confused when it’s time to go shopping?
  • Do you want to know the secrets on how to be a better shopper?
  • Do you avoid shopping because you feel overwhelmed in the store?
  • Have you been caught in a ‘bait & switch’ situation when it comes to sales?


Then this is the guide for you!

art of shoppingWhat You’ll Learn:

  • Learn about your favorite labels
  • The effective use of store credit cards
  • Knowing when you’re getting a real sale
  • Learn how your favorite retailers sales cycle works
  • 10 wardrobe staples of the classic woman’s wardrobe
  • 10 wardrobe staples of the career woman’s wardrobe
  • 10 wardrobe staples of the woman’s casual wardrobe
  • Learn how to calculate interest on credit card purchases
  • Preparing to go out for an effective shopping experience

With many options to shop from brick and mortar to online to even mobile, it’s harder and harder to know when you’re getting the best deal.  This has made many shoppers hesitant or afraid to go out and buy the things they need or want for their wardrobe.

“So what’s a fashionista to do?”

The answer is simple…it’s time to learn the trade secrets professional shoppers use when working with clients to save money and get the best deals!

art of shoppingSuitable for:
  • Women who love to shop
  • Women who hate to shop
  • Any woman tired of being “tricked” by false sales
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about most retailers’ sales cycles
  • Anyone wanting to become a better shopper

In this book, Janelle Hawes CFS, CWS, CIC teaches you exactly how to shop, how to save, and what to look for so you can have the best shopping experiences. Plus you get 30 full-color pictures of what should be included in every woman’s classic, casual, and career wardrobe!

Start learning how to become a better shopper without sacrificing your sanity…

Gone are the days of confusion, frustration and anxiety, BUY NOW to learn step-by-step how to shop like a pro!

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